There are many health benefits associated with eating a variety of vegetables, as studies have shown an increase of catastrophic incidences of cancer and heart diseases. The abstinence of animal foods have also shown to promote longevity. Current overconsumption of these highly processed foods have led to the current morbidity outbreak health crises.

Of particular importance is the role of powerful antioxidant properties in these kinds of plants. Contained in a variety of fruits and vegetables, they are also known as ‘Super Foods’ that can greatly inhibit some of the most devastating pathologies of our times. Diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular, and a variety of cancers are just some mentioned.

They also take a mounting skyrocketing toll in terms of cost on the health care system.

It is vitally important in this day and age to become aware of some of the alternative holistic options in dealing with these dreaded diseases, and ways to intelligently empower individuals with plant based foods for life-long vibrant health.