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Car Charger for DaVinci and Ascent Portable Vaporizer

Car Charger for DaVinci and Ascent Portable Vaporizer | Vaporizers |
Check out the car charger made exclusively for the DaVinci. Order online or call 800-336-7224 today.
Cee Kental's insight:

This is not a vaporizer, but a vaporizer accessory intended for use with DaVinci's portable vaporizers. It's a car charger that should have been included with every vaporizer the company sold, but it wasn't, so instead it's being sold as an accessory.


It's a much needed accessory for anyone that wants to get more than the 3-4 hours of vape time out of the Ascent that its battery provides, but seeing as it's a car charger, it's only good for those who travel by car. If you're taking the bus, this probably isn't going to prove beneficial. On that note, for those who ride their bicycles, it might not be very useful. But for those who tend to travel by car, it compliments the DaVinci vaporizers very well.


While the Ascent vaporizer is plugged into the car charger, it can also be turned on and in use. This is a feature many portable vaporizers do not have, which is why I've noted it.

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Vaporizer Reviews

Vaporizer Reviews | Vaporizers |
Find the Best Vaporizer for the Money by reading our insightful Vaporizer Reviews intact with Ratings, Videos, Pictures, & links to Buy Vaporizers.
Cee Kental's insight:

This site, which is called Vape Forest, provides reviews of popular vaporizers, both old and new, portable and plugin.


It hosts a top 10 list of the best vaporizers which is sorted by their own vaporizer ratings, not by the ratings provided by visitors. There are ratings by visitors and anyone can add their own but this isn't the metric used in the rankings of the top vapes on their site.


The best vaporizer listed on the site right now is the Ascent vaporizer by DaVinci. Other vaporizers that make the top 10 list are the Volcano (Digit), Pax by Ploom, Extreme Q, Micro G Pen, VapirRise, and the Arizer Solo. As that's less than ten, there are obviously more vapes in the list. There are also more vaporizers reviewed on their website under the vaporizer reviews section.


The website's blog has updates from the company and news regarding changes in the vapor industry.

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Volcano Digital Vaporizer On Sale @

Volcano Digital Vaporizer On Sale @ | Vaporizers |
Volcano Digital Features:

Digital LED
Temperature Control
Aluminum Heating Block and Cartridge
Diaphragm Pump
Automatic Shutoff
Electromechanical Design
3 Year Warranty

Volcano Digital Accessories:

1 x Balloon Set
1 x Filling Chamber
1 x Screen Set
1 x Filter Set
1 x Liquid Pad
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Grinder
1 x Manual
Cee Kental's insight:

What this is can be summarized in one sentence: the best bag vape in the world. At least, that's been the case for some time but that could end abruptly with the release of a newer, better bag vaporizer than what Storz & Bickel (the makers of the Volcano vaporizers) created all so long ago.


It really wasn't that long ago that the first Volcano, now known as the Classic, was released, but by vapor-years, it truly has been a very long time. Since the Classic, Storz and Bickel decided to make some improvements which debut in the form of the Digit. The Digit, as it's known, is the digital vaporizer version of the Volcano and it's basically the same device with digital temperature controls (adjustment buttons and a display). The display on it is big and easy to read and the buttons used to adjust the temperature are big and easy to use.


The bag that sits on the top of the device is filled with vapor before a mouthpiece is connected to the end. The mouthpiece has a built-in valve which keeps the vapor in while it's not in use and it works seamlessly and naturally as the valve opens to release vapor only once the mouthpiece has been pressed to the mouth.


They're used in aromatherapy, culinary arts (surprising, I know), mineral diffusion, and for direct inhalation of vapor.

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Vaporfection's miVape: An Overview [Video] - Vaporizer Wire

Vaporfection's miVape: An Overview [Video] - Vaporizer Wire | Vaporizers |
January 21st through the 23rd, Vaporfection was at the Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas with a booth setup, a booth at
Cee Kental's insight:

This is an overview of the miVape vaporizer, a portable by VaporFection that isn't out yet. There's a video made by the vaporizer's manufacturer which demonstrates the capabilities of the device.


The written overview was composed by a vaporizer news website that is known as Vaporizer Wire. In it, the authors describe the lengthy period of time in which the unit was intended to be released, but never arrived on the shelves at vape stores.


I have no idea when this vaporizer is going to come out. When it does, I'm pretty sure it's going to cause a ruckus because the company that makes it, VaporFection (now owned by MedBox), made the viVape 2, a digital vaporizer that is well known for its vapor producing abilities, not to mention its touch screen display.

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Plenty Vaporizer On Sale @

Plenty Vaporizer On Sale @ | Vaporizers |
Plenty Vaporizer Features:

Fast Heat Up
Convenient Hand Held Design
Precise Temp Control System
Cooling Coil Made of Stainless Steel
Auto Shut-Off Safety Feature
3 Year Warranty

Plenty Vaporizer Included Accessories

Substance Filling Chamber (1)
Mouthpiece (1)
Screen Set (3)
Short Tubing (2)
Long Tubing (2)
Cooling Coil (1)
Liquid Pad (1)
Cleaning Brush (2)
Grinder (1)
Instruction Manual

Plenty Vaporizer Specifications

1.5 lbs (0.7 kg)
15.5 x 22.5 x 5.5cm (plus power cord)
Manufacturer Guaranteed for 3 years
Cee Kental's insight:

This is the Plenty, a handheld vaporizer that comes from the same renown vaporizer designer and manufacturer that is quietly behind the Volcano vaporizers, Storz & Bickel.


It's different from most other vaporizers in many ways. For one, it uses a cooling coil that's unlike anything I've ever seen incorporated into a vaporizer before. The coil is used to cool the vapor as it approaches the point of inhalation.


The heating area, a chamber where dried and liquid blends can be vaporized, is wider than average and holds more blend than on average. The result is a lot of vapor pouring out of the mouthpiece. This is not your ordinary vape, it's an extraordinary vape.


It is not portable like the word "handheld" might otherwise imply, but it is held in one hand, thus making it a hand-held vaporizer. Because of the power cord which must be plugged in while it's in use, it's definitely not a portable, as portables by definition are wireless devices which don't need to be plugged in while they're in-use.


It has liquid pads that are used for vaping liquids and that about summarizes the Plenty vaporizer.

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Ascent, the 3-in-1 portable vaporizer by DaVinci

Ascent, the 3-in-1 portable vaporizer by DaVinci | Vaporizers |
Ascent Vaporizer by Davinci. Handheld pocket vaporizers are portable, convenient and reliable. Available online now.
Cee Kental's insight:

These portable vaporizers seem to be widely recognized as one of the best around at this time. Since their debut, they've received attention from companies like Gizmodo, the NY Post, and others.


The company who makes them, DaVinci, touts the device as the world's very first glass-on-glass portable vaporizer. When they say glass on glass, they are referring to the fact that the entire vapor pathway (this is the path which vapor traverses through the device) is composed of glass. The implication here is that the vapor will only touch glass and that's a feature that most other portables have not pulled off. Which certainly is a noteworthy feature, as the inert property of glass allows for the creation of vapor with a level of purity that is otherwise difficult to achieve with other materials such as plastics.


Temperature settings on the Ascents can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit and the range runs all the way up to 430F, which is hot enough to vaporize a variety of blends including some waxes, liquids, and dry blends. The temperature can be dialed in manually with easy to use plus and minus buttons, but it can also be programmed with the advanced controls that allow for the creation of customized temperature cycles.


When first released, a wood-grain version was available, but looking at their website now, it appears as if this classy variant has been removed from the standard color options available. Though, it may still be available through the Ascent customization program which allows people to build their own personalized Ascent vaporizers using an app on the company's website:


The company's first vaporizer was the DaVinci Vaporizer, a popular unit during its time, but since, the company has made some huge improvements in design philosophy which have lead them to the creation of their latest marvel and current flagship, the Ascent Vaporizer.


Vaporizer reviewers like Vape Critic and Vape Forest have reviewed and rated the Ascent. Vape Forest, for example, rated the Ascent the top vaporizer on their website, dethroning the Arizer Solo as the best portable vaporizer. The Critic currently has the device ranked in the top 10 best vaporizers on his website, which is no easy feat considering the number of vapes he's reviewed.


Organicix LLC is the company behind the Ascent. They're also known as the "DaVinci Vaporizer" company. The company sells their products directly on their e-commerce website, though they're also available through other outlets such as online vaporizer stores like Got Vape.

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