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How Restaurants Can Enhance Branding by Cutting Down on Food Waste

How Restaurants Can Enhance Branding by Cutting Down on Food Waste | Value for money |
As well as fretting over leftovers, consumers are concerned about food waste away from home and that has implications for restaurant branding and practices.

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British pubs are failing wine lovers - The Drinks Business

British pubs are failing wine lovers - The Drinks Business | Value for money |
Speaking to The Telegraph, Chris Murphy said that the majority of pubs in the UK are getting their wine lists wrong, and are missing out on sales as a result. “I don't think pubs go for the right wines and they don't keep it right, ...
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As a wine lover I just hate the way pubs serve a glass full to the brim and measure the wine why don't they invest in large glasses that let the wine breathe and do justice to it and even have lines on the glass for the measurements?

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Customer Experience - Creating Value from Day 1

Customer experience drives real value - from acquiring new customers to building loyalty with current ones. To excel, brands need to move beyond excellence at a
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Google+ to surpass Facebook by 2016 – Hotels need to get into the game

Google+ to surpass Facebook by 2016 – Hotels need to get into the game | Value for money |
Google+ to Surpass Facebook by 2016 – Hotels Need to Get Into the Game (via Nevistas Hospitality and Travel Network) Send PDF Print Bookmark Go Back Text Size:   With Google+ jockeying to replace Facebook as the No.

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Sander de Wilde's curator insight, October 20, 2013 10:46 AM

Free advise: Be on Google+ with your business...

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6 Ways to Use the New LinkedIn Features to Get More Business

6 Ways to Use the New LinkedIn Features to Get More Business | Value for money |

We STINK at really using LinkedIn to drive more business, so we’ve been gathering as much insight as possible to improve our utilization of this great B2B lead gen tool.  Here’s another synopsis: 


#1: LinkedIn Becomes More Image-Centric

Because of the focus on images, it’s now very important that you create a Company page and add your own photo and your logo. This will also enhance your branding and visibility. LinkedIn also added the new Rich Media tool that allows you to easily add video, presentations, your blog and other media to your Summary, Experience and Education sections.


#2: Cool, Clean New Look

So how does having a clean look get you more business? LinkedIn’s new look gives you a fast snapshot of the member you are looking at (and who is looking at you). You can quickly decide if this is someone you want to do business with, saving you time and effort as you prospect potential clients, employees, partners, vendors, etc.

If the profile you are looking at is a first-level connection, you can easily add notes to the profile that show up front and center (and are therefore much easier to see and remember). This can help spark engagement with a member and prospect whom you have lost touch with.


#3: Get Introduced and Get More Business

LinkedIn has always had the Get Introduced feature, but now you can search your connections’ connections by keyword. Why is this so important? You can choose people you know, like and trust and then search their networks for people they know, like and trust. This allows you to be extremely strategic in your engagement.


Before putting the Get Introduced link into play, ask your connection if the person you found in their network is the type you’re looking for. Then use the Introduction tool to strategically and proactively reach out to your prospect.  Now you can easily ask your connection if he or she is willing to introduce you, so the person will be expecting the introduction request and will be more likely to pass it on through. Or tell you no. In either case, you won’t waste an introduction.


#4: Whom Do You Know?

Now LinkedIn will show you whom you have in common. You actually see your introducer’s face and name. By scrolling over their picture, you can even see a snapshot of their profile (just in case you weren’t sure which Mari Smith to choose). Then it’s simply a matter of clicking on Send a Message to send a quick request asking if they would be willing to introduce you to the prospect.


#5: Get Active and Get Business

Personally I am a big fan of LinkedIn’s Sharing Bookmarklet, which allows you to easily share web content with your network as an update, tweet, group discussion or even as a message to a connection. Get active to stay top of mind and position yourself as a helpful and trusted connection in order to attract more business.


#6: Common Interests for Engagement

Do you hate cold-calling complete strangers? Me too! This is why I love LinkedIn’s new “Common Interests” feature that shows you what skills, causes and groups you have in common with a member.

So make sure you add your causes, skills and interests to your LinkedIn profile. Fortunately, the new profile makes this easy to do. Join groups that are in your area of expertise, as well as your niche markets. Create as much common ground as you can with your target or niche markets and prospects.

How does this work? If I wanted to connect with a prospect, I simply click on their profile and see what I have in common with them.

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CYDigital's curator insight, January 17, 2013 8:02 AM

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