Valentine's Day 2012: Uzbekistan Discourages Celebrating 'Alien ... | Valentines Day 2012 |
Though there is no official sanction against the holiday, government officials in Uzbekistan gave verbal instructions Tuesday to forgo Valentine's Day activities in favor of celebrating the birthday of a national poet, the Agence ...
1. The subject of this column is that Uzbekastin banned celebrating valentines day!
2. The writer gives facts that Uzbekastin is not celebrating valentines day because the are celebrating the birthday of a poet.
3. The writer sees why Uzbekastin doesn't believe to celebrate valentines day because of their poet.
4. It was not stated directly you knew because the writer didn't put anything against their beliefs.
6. You learn that the columnist is open about other religions.
7. This was writer for anyone that was interested.
8. Not really because he was not very persuasive.
2. This article was more of a logo because it was mostly based on facts instead of being based on emotional or ethical appeal. It has some ethical appeal because it shows it is right for them to have their own beliefs.