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Web Design Example Intercore
There are a lot of things I like about this website design for the private equity firm Intercore such as:

The Good
* Responsive Design.
* Animated Storytelling (love the factoids fading in and out).
* Large Hero.
* Flat color palette (monochrome color schemes).
* Location of social media in CONTACT area.

The Bad
The biggest nit I have is the lack of social media, but that brings up an interesting choice too. I'm betting a private equity firm isn't dependent on the web either for customers or SEO so Intercore's decision to only have Facebook and to put that link low down on the contact page reflects their business model better than it would most (who need customers from the web and care about SEO).

I Liked the company and there is confusing information on their abaout page. Don't feel compelled to play shuffle the deck in social media. If I was going to explain their corporate umbrella the Facebook About age is not where I would do it (lol).

Interesting and good ideas well executed to steal here. Whoever created this site knew what they were doing from a design and content architecture perspective.

The Ugly
By zooming out on my laptop I found their Twitter link. This is one of the perils of responsive design. The link is also broken directing into the home page so will share the fact their Twitter is broken on their Facebook page.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith