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To state that the instruction of these social expectations is the responsibility of parents and guardians only and that it is the responsibility of educators merely to transmit content knowledge is to ignore the obvious and to abrogate a central ...


Just what are the factors that create a culture of civility in the classroom of the public school? Not just an environment that promotes learning but also one that fosters the creation and maintenance of skills of social interaction?


===> Skills such as being trustworthy, helpful, courteous, and patience must be taught. <===


Many students enter, and continue along in school from year to year, with little or no knowledge of or experience in taking turns in rotation, in requesting and then


===> appreciating attention in a cordial manner, in utilizing time and resources efficiently, or in showing respect and consideration, not merely tolerance, to others. <===


===> These are all acquired skills central to any successful society, and they must be overtly taught. <===


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