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"Digital Detox" Stories: Fall 2016

"Digital Detox" Stories: Fall 2016 | USF Events, Ideas, People |
Digital Detox Stories MS 195-01 Fall 2016 

Students in the Media Studies' First Year Seminar at USF: "Mashup: Media & Pop Culture in San Francisco" kept journals and observed 24 hours without electronic media. 

 Research drew from articles 
and videos  

 Here are students' stories and observations about their experiences.

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"True Stories: First Semester USF" -- FYS fall 2015 Final Projects: Comic Books & Videos

"True Stories: First Semester USF" -- FYS fall  2015 Final Projects: Comic Books & Videos | USF Events, Ideas, People |

First Year Seminar:  MS 195-02: "Mashup:  Media & Pop Culture in San Francisco"  

Final Projects, fall 2015 feature comic book/graphic novels, or short videos (3 min or less), or online text & photo stories.

Content emerged through reflection techniques from Ignatian Contemplation and Paulo Freire, and focused on a few possible themes,
"something I learned/experienced/found significant --
      ... during my first semester at college/USF" 
      ... an idea or experience from this class"





-Chloe: "First Semester" (video)

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Sydney G: "Lost in the Urban Sprawl" (comic book)


Clarissa: "The Adventures of Clarissa Garay" (comic book)


-Jasmine: "Finding Friendship" (video)


-Sydney: "You've Got Mail: (Postcard Mail)" (comic book/post cards)


-Monique: "Works of Art" (photo essay)


-Alison: "Freshman 15 (Weeks)" (comic book)


-Dylan: "The Realization of Art" (comic book)


-Summer: "Fashion!" (video)


-Samantha: "College Culture: The First Semester" (video)


-Valerie: "The Big Change" (comic book)


-Damien: "Bought and Sold"  (video, music and lyrics)


-Jiaxin: "My First Semester in USF"


-Junwen: "Lucy's New Life"


-Zoe: "Mission Murals vs. Coit Tower Murals"


sfMediaProf's insight:

Excellent final (comic book) projects for the #USFCA First Year Seminar, "Mashup: Media & Pop Culture in San Francisco," fall 2015.


Students developed a comic or video that addressed a significant event or experience during their first semester of college.  They also integrated a theory from cultural studies or media studies.


The results are posted on,, or YouTube.  Check out these great stories and comics!


[image: Sydney Laron f2015]

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