Geranium essential oil is an extract from the plant Pelargonium odorantissimum that belongs to the family of Geraniaceae. It is actually an extract that comes from the different plant that is actually the cousin of another plant from which the rose geranium essential oil is extracted. The much expensive oil related to this brand is extracted from the produce of nature called the Pelargonium graveolens. The oil has the strong smell and the aroma is floral. The smell of the oil resembles that of mint. This is extracted from the Odorantissimum plant having an apple undertone in a slight manner. On the other hand, if we talk about the Graveolens oil, it will have the rosier aroma. The oil is in the non-color form but it can have the color that is slight green. The viscosity of the oil is watery.

Uses of the Geranium essential oil

• The Geranium oil is essential fresh oil and is used for the purpose of aromatherapy. This oil is good for the human being because it helps to provide a balance between the emotions and mind.

• The oil stimulates the adrenal cortex and balances the system of hormones thus stimulating the lymphatic system. Because of this, the oil is essential in providing the new life to the individual.

• The oil does a production balance when it comes to the skin of the individual. In fact, the oil produces the sebum in skin. This results in keeping the skin supple. It also helps in the wound healing.

Origin and extraction of the Geranium essential oil

The origin of the Geranium plant traces back to South Africa as well as Morocco and Egypt. But the oil went to the different European countries in the seventeenth century and these countries were France, Spain and Italy. In this world, we find around seven hundred different plant species of this family. But we get only ten when it comes to the supply. The plant from which the oil is extracted is a perennial hairy shrub. This shrub is generally used in hedgerows. The height of the plant is about one meter and it has the pointed leaves. These are separated by the edges and the flowers of the plant are pinkish white. In the old times, the tree of geranium was planted around house and this prevented the evil spirits from coming inside. In order to extract the geranium oil, one has to use the stalks and leaves. One gets this oil by the process called steam distillation. There are some leading suppliers of this brand of oil like Aarnav exports and Avi naturals. Both these companies are not only suppliers but manufacturers also.