Us humanoids and the Univers
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Us humanoids and the Univers
Modern technologies shall allow us to go into the future now!
Curated by J.p. Deschamps
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J.p. Deschamps's insight:

Hi, I'm J.P. Deschamps, amateur curator. Following is a copy of a short paper  that I recently directed to Astronomy Magazine, on the subject of ""Age of the Univers"".

Other than my real name, I write books under the pen name of :J.P. Fields. While I only wrote novels so far, I really  enjoy  writing on ""Astronomy"". Here, I humbly present to you my view on the all mghty Univers. I've always been interested, impressed and concerned about  The WOrld, that is, Universal Theories on Creation of this wondweful display of all ElementsWorld of the Skies. I have read hundresds of books through my life on the subject of the Univers as we gradually leanrned to know it.

Believe me, I'm no g/nious in the matter. But one of these nights that I was widw awake and thinking profoundly about the ""World"" or ""Worlds"" around our modest planet Earth, an idea which was forming in my mind for a long time suddenly surge to my conscious mind. Ther it is!

My temporary belief that there was a ""BIG BANG"" out of ""Nothing"", had gradually collapsed. As a matter of fact, my modest opinion is that ""The BIG BANG"" emerged from a ""Stupendous Central Black Hole"" under such an excessive pressure that It ""expoded"" and that became to be known as ""THE BIG BANG"". But out of ""Nothing? my modest brain cannot accept that theory or ""Magic"" if you want.

So my dear readers, try to follow my ""weird theory"". All this Energy of the World(s) or Cosmos , had collapsed into a ""Gigantic ""CENTRAL BLACK HOLE pressed under an unimaginable pressure to form form an infinitely ""REGION"" under such a pressure that it exploded and yes, we can call it a ""BIG BANG"" because it must have been ONE! Nut to my knowlrgge, why only ""Once""? I believe (modestly) that it has been always the same scenario over and over an there was no ""Real BEGINNING"" and shall be no ""END""  of that process.

This is a very summerized explanation of a fantastic ""UNIVERSAL SHOW" which has repeated ""ITSELF"" over and over again and I was about to say ""Since the beginning of Time"" but to my humble knowledge there was ""no Beginning of Time nor no ""END"". of that process.

This is a very summarized theory of a fantastic ""SHOW"" which has repeated itself over and over again. As unbelievable as it's sounds, ""UNIVERSE"" has always existed. But what about ""RELIGIONS"" and ""CREATIONISM". Well maybe ""HE is part of the whole process and if there is a GOD, then ""HE"" always existed. At least, this is the only logical explanation to satisfy those who believe in an ""ALL MIGHTY BEING""

Humbly yours,

J.P. Fields (pen name of Jean-Pierre Deschamps), born and living in Montreal, Canada.

My E-Mail address is

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The Best Of /Le meilleur de 2012

The Best Of /Le meilleur de 2012 | Us humanoids and the Univers |
Arrivant doucement à la fin de 2012, je vous propose de vous arrêter quelques instants sur quelques excellents albums et découvertes de l’année. En voulant faire ce meilleur de 2012, j’ai sélectionné quelques albums selon les réactions des uns et des autres malgré l’impossibilité de référencer toute la musique écoutée.

J’aimerais avant tout remercier chacun de ces artistes et groupes talentueux de nous avoir offert tant de bonne musique.
Via David Gunn
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