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House call physicians are getting popular during the recent years and it is because of the host of benefits they offer to patients. The house call physician service offers exclusive treatment to patients at the comfort of home. The physician meets the medical needs of geriatric patient and elderly person at the comfort of their home. You may wonder why you need a house call physician and here in this article we will discuss few of the key points why one would need a house call physician.


Patients Having Difficulty to Go to Hospitals


There are persons who feel difficult to take their loved ones to hospital because of their tight schedules. Moreover most of the clinics close early in the evening that would make it difficult for working personnel to meet the physician. It is in this situation you will be in need of a house call physician who can provide quality treatment at affordable rates. You will not have the need to take loved ones to the hospital rather the physician will visit the patient at home.


Patients with Chronic conditions


Patients with chronic illness need regular monitoring and health check up. Chronic illness makes the patient weak and feeble that would make it difficult to travel to hospitals or clinic located farer from where they reside. Thanks to house call doctor services, patients with chronic illness need not wait for long hours in the hospital. Lab tests and examinations will be done instantly to evaluate the heath condition of the patient. The treatment will be provided based upon the output results instantly.


Recently Hospitalized


A recently hospitalized person needs regular check up with the physician and have to visit the hospital frequently. It is a tiresome and difficult process to travel to hospital frequently but a house call doctor will arrive at the patient’s house and provide complete treatment at affordable rates. Moreover the physician will bring modern screening equipments like oximeter, blood pressure monitoring instrument, mobile x-ray and other modern diagnostic equipment to screen the patient at home. Phoenix urgent care also has all the modern equipments to provide world class treatment to patients.


Take several Medications


Needless to say, an old aged person taking several medications will be tired and exhausted. They will be not in a position to travel to the clinic for regular checkups. House call physician service would be the best way to get treatment for patients taking several medications.


Frequent visit to emergency room


A patient will need a house call doctor if they have to visit the emergency room frequently. It is not only time saving but also could help to save huge amount of money in the long run spend on transportation.


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