Sustainable Olympic stadium: a leader in the global green movement... | The Architecture of the City |

With its red running tracks surrounded by black and white seats and floodlights stretching above the roof, London’s elliptically shaped Olympic Stadium resembles many other sporting venues.

But the building’s principal designer, Philip Johnson, believes it will lead a global movement towards sustainable architecture.

Mostly lightweight steel was used in the construction, the roof is made of PVC and the stadium boasts a fabric curtain, designed to minimize crosswinds. Moreover, the water collected from the roof is used to flush the toilets, while the earth embankments that surround the stadium protect the biodiversity of the site by encouraging plants to grow.

“We want to use as little material as possible,” said Johnson, of the architectural consultancy, Populous, which is headquartered in the US city of Kansas, but has offices around the world, including one in the British capital...

Via Lauren Moss