UNStudio completes central pavilion for Qingdao Horticultural Expo | The Architecture of the City | Scoop.it

UNStudio has created a cluster of pavilions modelled on the form of a Chinese flower, as the centrepiece for the 2014 horticultural expo in Qingdao, China.

The World Horticultural Expo 2014 takes place the Chinese city of Qingdao (from April to October 2014) and is expected to attract 15 million international visitors. The main theme of the expo is 'From the Earth, For the Earth' and aims to encourage the exchange of culture, technology and horticultural knowledge. In its design for the Theme Pavilion UNStudio combines expert knowledge of logistics, spatial organisation, specialised typology, future flexible usability, function programming, facade intelligence, user comfort and sustainability.

Via Lauren Moss