Prague’s newest eco building and its impressive green roof | The Architecture of the City |
A team of architects have designed a series of townhomes which are (wait for it...) inserted into an artificial hillside. You'll see from the photos that this make-believe hillside is covered by a unique carpet of grass.

The complex is located near the historic Prague city centre and is called the “Central Park Praha (Prague)”. The concept was designed by A96 Architects and AED Project. According to the architects, the residence will have its own 1.5-hectare park. It also happens to be right next to one of the largest parks in Prague, Parukáøka.

The layout of the complex was inspired by the natural environment, transforming its sharp features into a park through an artificial green embankment.

“The embankment is actually a terraced building with a green roof and façade. The compact green façade is used as the roof of two-storey townhouses interrupted by balcony frames playfully distorting the layout by connecting several smaller units into one larger unit...

Via Lauren Moss