Beyond the Greenwash | Bioclimatic Architecture | The Architecture of the City |
In the building industry, greenwashing is a constant challenge.


World-renowned architect Ken Yeang explains that bioclimatic architecture is a way to practice green building in a way that cuts through the greenwash, representing truly environmentally responsible, sustainable design.

In an interview with CNN, Yeang cites nature as his ‘biggest source of inspiration’ and notes that he has taken well-developed design principles from the natural world for more than 30 years. The concept of bioclimatic architecture encourages the intermingling of natural and built spaces, with the latter taking the former into the highest consideration.

Yeang states decisions made at the design stage can drastically cut carbon and eliminate future environmental issues.
“If 80% of the impact is caused by design, you can anticipate the impact at that stage and you can reduce the impact from 80% to the minimum.”
The architect cites finding a balance between the built and the natural as a key to mastering bioclimatic design. By balancing natural components with the artificial in a built development, a large-scale building can be offset by the number of plants and natural vegetation included throughout...

Via Lauren Moss