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WikiCity: How Tactical Urbanism is Improving Mexico City for Pedestrians and Cyclists

WikiCity: How Tactical Urbanism is Improving Mexico City for Pedestrians and Cyclists | Urbanisme | Scoop.it

Across the globe, citizens are taking control of their cities by implementing the changes governments aren't providing. We recently met with Alejandro Morales and Jimena Veloz to discuss their work...


Morales: With the sidewalk – the very first project – local people were unsure because they didn’t know who did it. But now the collective is growing and, I hate to use the word powerful, but now we’re getting quite noisy and people are beginning to realise that we are quite a large group of people who can make real change.



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This is a good example of how you can't change urbanism without changing politics.

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You have to love it when people take a stand for what they believe in. Camina, Haz Cuidad is a group in Mexico City that is taking the problem of unfriendly pedestrian infrastructure in their own hands. Alexjandro Morales and Jimena Veloz talk about how they felt their government did not really know how to respond to their demands and instead decided to create a group and help themselves. They began by painting sidewalks on the roads that pedestrians can use and this turned into a movement to help both pedestrians and cyclists to move around in their city. Although their work is technically illegal and nothing has been done officially; they are the only ones that are trying to change the infrastructure and give the people what they need.

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Sur les rails, la verdure

Sur les rails, la verdure | Urbanisme | Scoop.it

De plus en plus de villes reconvertissent d’anciennes voies ferrées en parcs linéaires. De New York à Paris en passant par Lausanne, coup d’oeil sur ces corridors verts qui séduisent tant les riverains que les touristes.

Préservation du patrimoine industriel, revitalisation de quartiers, amélioration de la qualité de vie des citadins et création de sites récréatifs de premier plan: tout milite en faveur de la reconversion de viaducs ferroviaires en parcs aériens.

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