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The disappearance of public spaces is becoming an increasingly common fact associated with modern cities. Current urban development tendencies, driven by market-oriented interests, represent a huge threat to public spaces, and therefore to alternative cultural activities as well.


The idea of "the right to the city" conceived and advocated by French sociologist Henri Lefebvre, implies precisely the right of every citizen to the resources of the city and to freely participate in the life of their local community.


Guided by this idea Mikro Art successfully lobbied city officials in Belgrade to transform a neglected public space in Bezistan Passage (near Terazije Street) into the city’s first Street Gallery for upcoming young artists.


The walls indentified as potential exhibition space, were previously used by Kozara abandoned movie theatre, for posters that announced the film repertoire. The Gallery is composed of nine exhibition niches (each 1,4 m wide and 1,8 m high), divided into three segments. It took us nearly two years from the initial event which inspired the idea (the informal exhibition of the works of the Italian artist Luca Donnini, May 2010) until the goal was finally accomplished – in April 2012. Street Gallery project represents a pioneer venture for Belgrade in achieving that an abandoned space is allocated to a citizen group for cultural production purposes.


From the April 2012 we organized numerous exhibitons which can be seen on our web site www.mikroart.rs So, if you are in Belgrade....

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