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"Vertical farms, many stories high, will be situated in the heart of the world's urban centers. They offer the promise of urban renewal, sustainable production of a safe and varied food supply, and year-round crop production."


As the world’s population continues to gravitate around expanding urban environments combined with the fact that the quality of “good” land is decreasing we need to be very critical about what we do with “space” as it becomes increasingly scarce. Urbanization, climate change and population growth are putting tremendous pressures on this planets ecosystems ability to sustain us. The result of this pressure may soon blur the line and change our perception of how we geographical visualize agriculture and urbanization.


Ever heard of Vertical Farming? If not you may want to explore this website and discover how very real the possibilities can be when you emphasis agricultural cultivation within a city instead or around it.




Vertical farms community gardens turned sideways! 

Via Don Brown Jr