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According to Laiki Bank officials non-guaranteed deposits amount to €6bn. 361000 of 371.000 depositors covered by guarantee
@BloombergAthens: #EU to assess new #Cyprus proposal starting tomorrow morning, #EC Commission spokesman says


*** "No more help from Moscow than extension of current loan"  #Cyprus Finance Minister Sarris tells President Anastasides from #Russia.



@pierrebriRedefining "chutzpah": "The Eurogroup reaffirms the importance of fully guaranteeing deposits below 100.000 euros". 
http://www.eurozone.europa.eu/newsroom/news/2013/03/statement-cyprus-21-03-13 ;

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The parliamentary meeting just finished. The discussion and vote moves tomorrow morning at 10am. #Cyprus


***Parliament to Debate Capital Controls, New Funds Tomorrow


*** RT @GetBritainOut: Now there's fighting on the streets of #Cyprus, maybe the #EU should hand back its Nobel Peace Prize #no2eu


*** The Eurogroup held a teleconference to take stock of the developments in Cyprus. LINK --> http://www.consilium.europa.eu/uedocs/cms_Data/docs/pressdata/en/ecofin/136435.pdf


***The Cypriot government proposed to parliament on Thursday the creation of a "Solidarity Fund" based on revenues from hydrocarbon exploitation, bonds and other assets to help it raise billions of euros to clinch an EU bailout.


***MNSI: Eurogroup - Stands by Cyprus in reforms, committed to stable EMUby anthony.derosa 10:01 PM

Reuters: Euro zone stands ready to discuss with Cyprus new draft proposal - Greek finance ministry citing Eurogroup statementby anthony.derosa 10:00 PM 


Reuters: Eurogroup's Dijsselbloem says euro zone finance ministers urge Cyprus to present a new proposal on bailoutby anthony.derosa 10:00 PM


 Reuters: S&P lowers #Cyprus sovereign credit rating to CCC from CCC+

**Cyprus Popular Bank imposes 260 euro per day limit on ATM withdrawals.




Financial Minister Mr Sarris stated on possible Russian aid: Any decisions will be taken tonight #cyprus



Hundreds of demonstrators clash with police in Cyprus

Hundreds of demonstrators who gathered outside the state parliament in Cyprus have clashed with police after trying to break into the building, RIA Novosti news agency reports. 
The demonstrators were protesting against the deposit levy tax as a condition of EU bailout, though Thursday afternoon Cypriot authorities said they had abandoned the idea.

Cypriot authorities are negotiating with the EU and Russia in search of external financial support, otherwise Cyprus faces the threat of a default.



Reuters: Cypriot central bank governor announces "resolution process" for Cyprus banking system #breaking”


 #Cyprus central bank chief Demetriades: all deposits under 100,000 euros at Laiki to be protected during winding down.


Tesa Arcilla ‏@Tesa_RT3h

** Parliament member steps out to give intv and explain whats going on and calm crowd #Cypruspic.twitter.com/R9qDiI1AV4


** Talking w/ journos how polite the riot police have been so far, stepping out of the way when we need to get thru, giving water to protesters


** Russian shop owner says 70% loss in business in last few days alone. Wonders how to pay rent tmrw #Cyprus pic.twitter.com/C0Pj4m84Ws


** Someone speaking, people shushing each other #Cyprus pic.twitter.com/YwUlExulyE


** Sign says "Germany is running #Cyprus" pic.twitter.com/T57RBEo7nk


** Outside parliament #Cyprus, emotions running high pic.twitter.com/BGoYoP48L1


** Staff and family members of Laiki bank chanting "leave Laiki alone" (reports say jobs to be cut) pic.twitter.com/joqKLEua6K


** Protester getting hysterical in front of Parliament #Cyprus pic.twitter.com/9P4AbpdGBD


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** Greek FinMin Stournaras meets now with heads of Bank of #Greece and HFSF to assess #Cyprus situation.


** #Cyprus cntrl banker Demetriades has now announced Laiki Bank 'restructure'.