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Once you’ve added your file(s) to Jumpshare, you don’t have to wait for the upload progress to complete. Copy the link and share. The recipient will be able to see the files in real-time as soon as they are uploaded.
As your files are uploading, you can share them with your friends, co-workers, and family via email or post to your favorite social networking sites.

Our powerful file viewer lets you open up to 200 file formats online; both large and small. Photos, videos, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, books, audios, vector images, RAW files, fonts, codes, markups, and much more.

If you find the file sharing process to be tedious, you will love Jumpshare; even your grandma can use it. It’s that easy!
Everything is one-click; uploading, sharing and viewing the files right inside your HTML5 supported browser. Enjoy the simplicity and ease of it all.

We know sign ups take time and you’re just here to share your files quickly. You can use Jumpshare without having to create an account. To learn more, read our FAQ's
Note: We will soon support accounts for those who want to manage their files, keep track of shared files, and monitor all activities.

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