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omnia mea mecum fero
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11 of the Most Influential Infographics of the 19th-Century...

11 of the Most Influential Infographics of the 19th-Century... | omnia mea mecum fero |
We live in a world steeped in graphic information. From Google Maps and GIS to the proliferation of infographics and animated maps, visual data surrounds us.

While we may think of infographics as a relatively recent development to make sense of the immense amount of data available on the Web, they actually are rooted in the 19th century.

Two major developments led to a breakthrough in infographics: advances in lithography and chromolithography, which made it possible to experiment with different types of visual representations, and the availability of vast amounts of data, including from the American Census as well as natural scientists, who faced heaps of information about the natural world, such as daily readings of wind, rainfall, and temperature spanning decades.

But such data was really only useful to the extent that it could be rendered in visual form. And this is why innovation in cartography and graphic visualization mattered so greatly...

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Neuroscience Proves Why Your [Nonprofit] Stories Move Supporters To Action @johnhaydon

Neuroscience Proves Why Your [Nonprofit] Stories Move Supporters To Action @johnhaydon | omnia mea mecum fero |

"In your brain, you have neurons called “mirror” neurons. These brain cells are essentially the “soft-wiring” behind empathy. It’s why you feel sadness when a friend is struggling, and happy when they overcome an obstacle. You experience their ups and downs as if they are yours.


This video explains more about the science behind empathy. You’ll learn why stories work better than stats in your online (and offline) appeals. You’ll learn why pictures elicite a strong emotional response than text."


Don't let the title fool you -- even though this is slanted to non-profits, we all need to know this information.


By watching this video (which takes very complex notions and breaks them down into simple-to-understand chunks), you will learn a alot about empathy. I quibble with a few points, but overall it's a good synopsis.


What is the connection to story?  Well, by sharing a story you connect with your audience through empathy.  So the more you understand about how and why empathy works, the more you will master business storytelling. 


Enjoy the video and let me know what you think!

Via Dr. Karen Dietz, JoelleYalin
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