Are You Learning as Fast as the World Is Changing? | omnia mea mecum fero |
Tom Kelly, general manager of IDEO, the world-renowned design firm, likes to quote French novelist Marcel Proust, who famously said, "The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes." What goes for novelists...


Today, the challenge for leaders at every level is no longer just to out-hustle, out-muscle, and out-maneuver the competition. It is to out-think the competition in ways big and small, ===> to develop a unique point of view about the future and help your organization get there before anyone else does. <===


Which is why a defining challenge of leadership is whether you can answer a question that is as simple as it is powerful: Are you learning as fast as the world is changing?

Via Dr. Susan Bainbridge, Gust MEES