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Scooped by J Ruth Kelly

The Dopamine Connection: Secret Power of Music

The Dopamine Connection: Secret Power of Music | Unplug | Scoop.it
How harmony, melody, and rhythm trigger the same reward systems that drive our desires for food and sex.

The profound connection between
J Ruth Kelly's insight:

The magic of harmony and rhythm are revealed in Maria Popova's post, complete with animated descriptions of how the brain responds to music. Apparently the power of music holds almost as much sway (pun intended) as...

1. Food

2. Sex

3. Drugs

And it's all tied together with the same thread: dopamine. While I prefer to think less about the chemical response in the brain and more about the mystical reality of it all, the power of music is undeniable.

J Ruth Kelly's comment, November 24, 2013 9:31 AM
thanks for sharing
Scooped by craig daniels

Finding Balance with Extended Reading, Writing and Thinking Time

"The brain is constantly changing and rewiring itself based on the stimulus it receives; in neuroscience, we call this "brain plasticity." As you read each word of this blog, the neural networks of your brain are active in response to the words, as well as the white noise of the air conditioning, the voices next door, the tempting smell of that banana, and the countless other stimuli in the room around you."

craig daniels's insight:

Our focus is derailed by our own minds squirting dopamine at every opportunity and perceived threat that comes along.

Practicing attention and focus will teach our brain that we want to read and write longer without giving into distractions.

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