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Chelsio Delivers StreamEngine – Media Streaming Solution Dramatically Increases Video And Content Delivery Performance [PR]

Chelsio Delivers StreamEngine – Media Streaming Solution Dramatically Increases Video And Content Delivery Performance [PR] | Unified Communications | Scoop.it

Chelsio Communications, a leading provider of 10Gb Ethernet Unified Wire Adapters, ASICs and Unified Storage software solutions, today announced a media streaming enhancement to its T4 Unified Wire adapters targeted at high performance content delivery applications. The Chelsio StreamEngin adds video segmentation offload and per-stream rate limiting functionality to the TCP and UDP offload capabilities of the T4 Unified Wire adapters to significantly reduce CPU utilization, increase video and content delivery capacity and improve service quality.


-- Video Segmentation Offload --
Tailored for video content, the StreamEngine segmentation offload technology moves the processing required to packetize video data and control its transmission rate from the server to the network adapter. Video Segmentation Offload (VSO) increases performance and dramatically reduces CPU overhead, allowing significantly higher capacity using the same server hardware. Without VSO support, video server software needs to packetize payload into frames, process each frame individually through the network stack and schedule individual frame transmission, resulting in millions of system calls and packet traversal through all protocol layers in the operating system to the network adapter.


-- Rate Shaping -- 
Rate Shaping within the StreamEngine allows Content Delivery Networks/Video On Demand providers to avoid receive buffer overflows, smooth out network traffic, and enforce Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Without dedicated hardware-based rate shaping or limiting support, the video server must perform rate limiting in software, a CPU intensive task that can be prohibitive at 10Gb and higher rates.


READ StreamEngine Product Brief : http://goo.gl/IEqyz

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VOIP Telephony Carves Bonanza for Businesses

Telephony is part and parcel of the business as it serves communication and administration needs. These sectors work jointly as a nervous system in any firm of any type at ...
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VoIP and Unified Communications - Free eBook Share

VoIP and Unified Communications - Free eBook Share | Unified Communications | Scoop.it
eBook Free Download: VoIP and Unified Communications | PDF, EPUB | ISBN: 1118019210 | 2012-03-20 | English | PutLocker

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VoIP and Unified Communications: Internet Telephony and the Future Voice Network

Translates technical jargon into practical business communications solutions

This book takes readers from traditional voice, fax, video, and data services delivered via separate platforms to a single, unified platform delivering all of these services seamlessly via the Internet. With its clear, jargon-free explanations, the author enables all readers to better understand and assess the growing number of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and unified communications (UC) products and services that are available for businesses.

VoIP and Unified Communications is based on the author’s careful review and synthesis of more than 7,000 pages of published standards as well as a broad range of datasheets, websites, white papers, and webinars. It begins with an introduction to IP technology and then covers such topics as:

  • Packet transmission and switching
  • VoIP signaling and call processing
  • How VoIP and UC are defining the future
  • Interconnections with global services
  • Network management for VoIP and UC

This book features a complete chapter dedicated to cost analyses and payback calculations, enabling readers to accurately determine the short- and long-term financial impact of migrating to various VoIP and UC products and services. There’s also a chapter detailing major IP systems hardware and software. Throughout the book, diagrams illustrate how various VoIP and UC components and systems work. In addition, the author highlights potential problems and threats to UC services, steering readers away from common pitfalls.

Concise and to the point, this text enables readers—from novices to experienced engineers and technical managers—to understand how VoIP and UC really work so that everyone can confidently deal with network engineers, data center gurus, and top management.

Table of Contents

1 IP Technology Disrupts Voice Telephony 1
2 Traditional Telephones Still Set Expectations 17
3 From Circuits to Packets 27
4 Packet Transmission and Switching 37
5 VoIP Signaling and Call Processing 77
6 VoIP and Unified Communications Define the Future 139
7 How VoIP and UC Impact the Network 171
8 Interconnections to Global Services 187
9 Network Management for VoIP and UC 217
10 Cost Analysis and Payback Calculation 231
11 Examples of Hardware and Software 237
12 Appendixes 253

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Unified Communications & Software

Unified Communications & Software | Unified Communications | Scoop.it
Our unified communications and software service may help you in your business and it can be promoted quite well or you can have better position in market as a result.
Custom Tel's insight:
Unified communications (UC) is the integration of real-time communication services such as instant messaging (chat), presence information, telephony (including IP telephony), video conferencing, data sharing (including web connected electronic whiteboards aka IWB’s or Interactive White Boards), call control and speech recognition with non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging (integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax). Selected VoIP Telephone systems support UC (Unified Communications) and third party software for call centre agent monitoring and call recording. Ericsson-LG provides a variety of new and affordable software applications.
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