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Social Media Snob Test
The purpose of social media is to connect, to BE SOCIAL. Better to NOT be on social media than to be on social and look like an arrogant snob. Not being on social can be forgiven. Being a snob in this day an age is difficult to forgie.

You Know Your Company Is A Social Media Snob If...

* You follow less than 50% of your Twitter followers.
- Following a tiny % of your followers is the ultimate snobbery because it limits communication (you can't DM unless you follow) and you can't REWARD unless you follow. 
- When an expert in your area with 10x the following as your company has (at the moment) follows you FOLLOW THEM BACK!!

* You company doesn't Retweet.
- When you Retweet you share someone's take. You are saying, "this is good enough to share" and that statement is a reward and and a way to "mentor" your space.

* Your company doesn't respond to @yourcompany notes.
- Not responding in a timely way to @yourcompany notes is an EPIC customer service fail.

* Your company isn't on GPlus.
- Time to come in for the big win AND Gplus is the most disruptive social net because of its proximity to high yield SEO (duy its GOOGLE) and most business verticals are nascent on GPlus because there is a learning curve.

* Your company isn't having conversations.
- If you are still using social media to push messages without listening and responding you look either clueless or a snob (and neither of those are good).

* Your Company isn't on Instagram or Pinterest.
- Marketing communication is becoming highly visual so to not be on either Instragram or Pinterest is snobby since it feels like insisting we continue to do things the old "talk about ourselves to ourselves" way. 

* Your company isn't creating video.
- Video is highly widget-ized and so easy to share content. Video is also a more universal language. I may not speak english but video, done right, can be a cross cultural tool.  


* Your company[s SMM is highly scripted.
- Days of scripting every interaction with customers is long gone.  

Don't be a social media snob either by intention or ignorance because being a SNOB on social media is the wrong signal to send...always.  

Via Martin (Marty) Smith, John van den Brink