A Look Inside Walmart’s Urban 90 Supercenter | InStore Trends | Understanding Retail | Scoop.it

Walmart recently opened a new small format supercenter prototype in Toronto, Canada in late January. The 90,000 square foot store, commonly known as the Urban 90 format, is dramatically smaller than the traditional 200,000 square foot supercenter and takes only 34 weeks to build, compared to the typical 52 weeks for the typical store. This launch marks another major milestone in Walmart’s push to smaller and more proximity-based stores, after its opening of the Express format last summer. This concept is not unique, as other big box retailers are testing similar small formats, including Target’s “City Target”, set to launch five stores this year (previously highlighted on instoretrends). How has Walmart adapted its big box to this more limited footprint?


Via RetailNet Group