Uncle Tom's Diary
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Uncle Tom's Diary
A new book written by NeiL Kidd entitled “Uncle Tom’s Diary” is soon to be released. Here is a brief synopsis; Major Thomas Anderson Kidd(10th Light Horse A.I.F.)’s memory of World War 1 comes to life again after the war because one of the diaries he wrote is discovered. The discovery of the re-written diary could cause problems for the main character in the story as they couldn’t tell the secret and now worry about being found out. They wished they had done things differently to make it easier for everyone concerned. Service personnel and their families have a life before, during and after wartime and this book touches upon the affect war had on this family all those years ago. Some of us are interested in stories of adventure but we are all interested in secrets. The story ponders whether some secrets need to be told. Are some okay to share and should some be kept?
Curated by Robert Kidd
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