Iran Nuclear Inspection: U.N. Investigators Get Process Underway | Kurat | UN Inspectors Visit Iran |

1.  The basic subject of this article is that the UN is sending neuclear inspectors to Iran to ensure that the neuclear energy facilities in Iran are not fronts for the building of neuclear weapons. The inspectors are going on a three day tour of the facilities in Iran, to see if the Western world should impose more sanctions, getting oppostion from the Iranians, who say that they will shut the Strait of Hormuz down, which is a essential oil passage for the Western world.


2.  -The team of inspectors will likely visit the underground enrichment site just south of Tiran.

     -The U.N. nuclear agency delegation includes two senior weapons experts – Jacques Baute of France and Neville Whiting of South Africa.


3. Since the writer is from the Huffington Post, which is American, they should share the same concerns as me, that the western world should be conserned if the Iranians are building weapons we should know.


4.This article seems to just be informative, no real opinions, which leaves me to assume that the writer shows concerns of the neuclear weapons that Iranians might build.


6.I learned that the columnist is not opinionated towards this subject.


7.Mostly the informative reader.




9.Dareini, Ali A. "Iran Neuclear Inspection: UN Investigators Get Process Underway." The Huffington Post. Web.