Barbara Zecchi presented a paper on the films of Pedro Almodóvar at the University Complutense of Madrid for the 4th LGTB Workshop of  “Género, Estética y Cultura Audiovisual” | The UMass Amherst Spanish & Portuguese Program Newsletter |

MADRID 15-17 April, 2013


Barbara Zecchi was invited to give a talk on Pedro Almodóvar at the interdisciplinary Research Project “Género, Estética y Cultura Audiovisual” (GECA). The project, directed by Prof. Francisco Zurián (Universidad Complutense) fosters non-discriminatory policies in the university, in film and in society at large. The 4th edition of the workshop was dedicated to "Nuevas Masculinidades".


Prof. Zecchi's «Almodóvar: de lo óptico a lo háptico») addessed  the evolution of Almodóvar  cinematic strategies from a gaze-centered aesthetics to a new focus on haptic images.