Useful Free Traveling App for Travelers – Cartoo | Uma KM's Travel Tips |

As travelers, every one of us knows the need of traveling technologies in our day to day travel life. Different kinds of applications are being introduced everyday somewhere around the globe.

But, does all the apps are reaching us instantly? Are we using those applications effectively in our travel life? It is really a question mark most of us face.

Even though there are many useful apps, we normally select the one which reach us first and what we feel more useful and also are affordable to our budget.

Few days back I faced the need of a very simple and useful traveling app in my routine travel.

Though the situation was simple and easy to avoid, overcoming the hurdle with the help of Google’s traveling application made me feel more differently and gave higher confidence to face similar situations smartly.

The Traveling App I am using is Cartoo, which is Google’s Useful Free Traveling Application. I am sharing about this FREE Google Traveling App here