CCSS Open the Door for Best Practices - UDL and RTI | UDL - Universal Design for Learning |

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and RTI are gaining traction as more states and school districts are looking for ideal tools to implement the Common Core State Standards.


"To us, it makes perfect sense. With UDL, you really do start with addressing goals that are applicable for all learners," said Patti Ralabate, the director of implementation for CAST ( which developed UDL.


"Broadly, universal design for learning is an instructional method that involves creating lessons and classroom materials flexible enough to accommodate different learning styles. And response to intervention is an approach intended to provide early identification of students' learning problems paired with the use of focused lessons—interventions—to address those problems before it's too late."


"Districts already using either or both approaches say there is no question about their benefits for implementing the common-core standards."