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Paul Hamilton has offered an excellent review of vBookz PDF Voice Reader for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  The key app features:


•16 languages aloud.

•Open any PDF directly from the mail, dropbox or iTunes sync.

•Read almost any PDF aloud.

•Reading orientation tools.

•Auto text follower mechanism.

•High quality male and female voices.


Here are some of Paul's comments:

"It could hardly be easier to bring PDF files into vBookz PDF Voice Reader! Simply open a PDF email attachment, or a PDF file in your DropBox account. Then click on the forward icon to be given the option of opening the file in vBookz PDF Voice Reader. Once a PDF file has been opened, it remains on a book shelf in the “Library” for future reference. The process seems to work well with both short files and those that are book-length."


There is also a version of vBookz PDF Voice Reader for Mac computers.