AppWriter | OCR Mobile Kit, TTS and Word Prediction to Support Reading/Writing Disabilities | UDL - Universal Design for Learning |

AppWriter by LingApps is the first text editor for the iPad to offer users of all ages with reading and writing disabilities. It includes a set of integrated tools that include TTS, word prediction and a Mobile OCR Kit.  What does this mean? Convert any printed text to a readable format from your iPad!


Here are the features:


>  No WiFi or 3G needed; everything is embedded and runs directly on the iPad

> High quality TTS with highlighting as text is being read

> OCR - "Any paper document or image becomes accessible. Through the integration of Mobile OCRKit, textbooks, photocopies and handouts are easily converted into text documents. The text can be spoken out loud by AppWriter with color highlighting or edited. AppWriter OCR is the simplest and most affordable way to get any textbook or handout converted for everyone to read and listen to on an iPad. AppWriter OCR comes in more than 12 different languages."

> Word Prediction with the ability to hear each word before selection.

> File Management - emailed, copied to clipboard or export to DropBox.


This will level the playing field for millions of students worldwide!