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U&Me Messenger emerges as a Fast & Secure alternative to other chat apps

U&Me Messenger emerges as a Fast & Secure alternative to other chat apps | UandMe Messenger |

U&Me Messenger has emerged itself as a powerful alternative to the famous instant messaging applications used by the people today. The success of U&Me can be attributed to its rich UI, new features and customization. With the latest update 1.3.31 for Android, the app has taken mobile chat experience to a brand new level.

Benefits Of U&Me Messenger Over Other Mobile Chat Apps

So, you must be thinking, what is special with U&Me Messenger that made it a better alternative for other chat applications! Well, to mention there are many things! To begin with, U&Me Messenger is one of the fastest messengers, for the bunch of features it is providing. While the other chat apps with fewer features than U&Me cannot compete with the speed at which U&Me works. This is one of the reasons U&Me has achieved such a large user base within a few months after its launch. Also, security is one of the unique qualities of U&Me Messenger, as the app is providing in-app security lock to protect the private data of the user. In addition, this app implements advanced encryption techniques to provide utmost data security. Also, the file sharing limit of 100 MB has made U&Me beat the other apps easily.

In addition, there are some other benefits that U&Me brings which are really interesting. The first one is, U&Me is available for a diverse range of mobile platforms with significant performance over all of them. So, users can communicate with each other with our bothering about the mobile platform they are using. The integration of cloud-based storage accounts such as Dropbox, One drive and Google Drive has taken U&Me app to the whole new level. U&Me is the first one to introduce clod-based storage accounts integration to chat application in the consumer app market.


Key Features Of U&Me Messenger

- Some of the notable features of U&Me Messenger include the following:

- Instant delivery notifications (Write, sent, delivered & received)

-Supports multiple file formats (audio, image, MS office documents, PDF and real-time location)

- Integration with social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.)

- Third-party cloud storage services integration (Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.)

- Find instant updates or info about the places nearby using ‘Around Me’

- Group messaging (500 group size)

- Pattern lock protection at App level

- Events planning and creation

- Larger file sharing (100 MB at a time)


U&Me can be downloaded from the site or from the respective app stores.



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U&Me Messenger - Android Apps on Google Play

U&Me Messenger - Android Apps on Google Play | UandMe Messenger |
U&Me Messenger is a fastest messaging app introduced for Android, iOS , Windows phone,BlackBerry and Nokia. In the world of U&Me, there are no limits! Stay con...
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U&Me – The Next Generation Enterprise Mobility Solution

Messaging was one of the hottest categories in 2014, with apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line and WeChat grabbing headlines, users, and venture capital across the globe. But for all their utility in the consumer realm, each of these products holds almost no appeal within the corporate enterprise’s across the globe. That category, although less sexy, represents an equally large opportunity and yet has attracted far less competition.

In a BYOD world, enterprise users are currently having non-compliant conversations over SMS and consumer messaging platforms like Whatsapp, LINE, Telegram and WeChat. Gartner even called “mobile device diversity and management” the number one strategic technology trend in the 2014. U&Me enterprise mobile messenger offers a much needed solution where users can message securely between any smartphone, tablet, or computer, regardless of operating system. IT department can institute compliance-driven rules like archiving or even automatic message deletion, and information audit policies.

U&Me Messenger is further evidence that India is developing a respectable SaaS ecosystem. U&Me recognized the opportunity to address enterprise messaging before almost anyone else in Asia Pacific, and has certainly taken advantage of that head start. U&Me is demonstrating its product development mettle that goes beyond good timing and now offers arguably the best product enterprise secure messaging in Asia Pacific today.

U&Me commenced its go-to-market in November 2014, and to date has achieved over 280 thousand downloads of the app, with 4.1 rating out-of 5, from over 8 thousand comments. U&Me is most widely used in Higher Education, Health Care, Transport and Public Sector industry segments. This is not surprising, given the industry’s tight regulations around information security and data privacy. U&Me has created several industry-specific integrations on SAP, Oracle and Microsoft platform.

U&Me announced on 28th January 2015, the upcoming release of new features of voice & video calling, enterprise survey & polling, and Social Media connect.


The notable key features that stand-out:


Delivery and read notifications

Integration into enterprise global-directory (API integration into Microsoft Active Directory, and Exchange)

Attachment to message (Image, audio, video, PDF, Microsoft Office documents and GPS location)

Group messaging (unlimited group size)

Pin lock protection at App level

Social Media integration (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Tweeter, Pinster etc)

Cloud based storage integration (Dropbox, Google+, Microsoft One Drive, etc)

3rd party integration capabilities (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and many other legacy systems)

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