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Recycled jewelry helps to safeguard the earth. If you take into consideration everything that goes into the manufacturing of rings or earrings you will notice that that statement is undeniably true. Jewelry is manufactured by putting jewels within metal settings, and the metal that constitutes the setting must be excavated from the earth. In an effort to mine gold, for example, ore needs to be dug out of the terrain by the ton, plus toxins must then be employed to extract the gold from the ore.

Gold mining is incredibly destructive for our precious environment. Terrain that had been once beautiful needs to be excavated, and the run-off from harsh chemicals used within the removal method will contaminate the land not to mention local streams. In a number of countries, the miners labor under inadequate security factors. When gold is located in land that belongs to indigenous peoples, these indigenous people are typically evicted. Hence, choosing recycled jewelry just tends to make sense.