YouTube prepares to launch scheduled TV channels | TV is everywhere |

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is getting ready to launch as many as a dozen TV-like channels with scheduled content to lure viewers away from their TV screens. It is said to have been shopping the ideas around US media firms for several months.  It is said to have cut a range of content deals and is paying “from a few hundred thousand dollars to several million to content creators to create and curate videos for a channel”.
There is no word on what these channels might be, but not hard to guess. YouTube already has a range of categories for some of the TV shows it features including entertainment, comedy, drama food, news and travel where visitors can watch clips or whole episodes.  Some of this content such as Five Neighbours is brand new programming while other stuff like Big Brother series 1 is archive material. Until now this has not been scheduled, which is the big change that YouTube is looking to make.

Via Peter Rosenberg