... Lepe said Ooyala Everywhere will shorten the time to market for branded subscription video services.
The OVP also announced Ooyala Personal Playback, a universal login and entitlement service that authenticates users across an operator's CRM or a third-party service like Adobe PASS or Ooyala's own subscription management service. This gives content distributors the ability to monetize video consumption across all connected devices.
"In the near future, all ‘television' will be viewed on connected devices," said Lepe. "The world where a viewer is tethered to a single location to watch TV programming is very quickly coming to an end. Companies that do not evolve to provide an engaging and personalized video experience across all screens will continue to lose market share and eventually disappear. Ooyala Everywhere shortens the time to market for launching a video experience that is optimized for all screens. And with Ooyala Personal Playback, content providers can provide a unique and connected experience for consumers."