Video Format War: Blu-ray vs. Streaming | TV Everywhere |

Blu-ray Discs are growing in popularity--but how long until streaming surpasses them?

...Video streaming is gaining momentum as a convenient way to watch movies and TV shows on an HDTV, a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. Consumers now have at least a dozen ways to stream content to the living room (see "Netflix Inside: A Comprehensive List of Netflix Streaming Devices" for some examples), including the latest offering, which allows users to get Xfinity content via an Xbox 360 game console. Video options for tablets, meanwhile, are expanding to include apps from Blockbuster, Hulu, Netflix, and assorted cable providers. One reason for the growth of streaming's popularity is that broadband speeds--wireless and wired--are increasing. The Verizon LTE network can handily stream high-quality video at 15 mbps. Charter and Comcast offer speeds up to 100 mbps.

The challenge for Blu-ray is that the profitability of the streaming video market is growing faster than that of the Blu-ray market. Studios are putting streaming profits ahead of visual quality