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Custom timelines in TweetDeck | Twitter Blogs

Custom timelines in TweetDeck | Twitter Blogs | Tutoriales | Scoop.it

Starting today, we are introducing the ability to create custom timelines in TweetDeck. Custom timelines, which were just announced, are a new type of timeline that you control by selecting the Tweets you want to include.


In this post, we’ll describe everything you need to know to create and share custom timelines. Here’s a quick overview:

create a new custom timeline column to get startedadd Tweets from other columns by drag and drop or keyboard shortcutsshare a link to your custom timeline or embed it on your site...
Via Jeff Domansky
Jeff Domansky's curator insight, November 20, 2013 9:53 AM

Useful: how to create Twitter custom timelines.

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Enseñanza | Tutoriales | Scoop.it

Why the Flipped Class is Here to Stay or "The Difference Between a Fad and a Usable, Meaningful Tool is the Teacher.” En mi opinión, una forma genial de incidir en el protagonismo del profesor como promotor de buen aprendizaje. Que la enseñanza inversa sea una moda pasajera o una gran herramienta depende del profesor.

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