Prospective identification of neoantigen-specific lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of melanoma patients | Tumour and Microenvironment Heterogeneity |
Nature Medicine | doi:10.1038/nm.4051

We show that neoantigen-specific T cells and gene-engineered lymphocytes expressing neoantigen-specific T cell receptors (TCRs) isolated from peripheral blood recognized autologous tumors. Notably, the tumor-antigen specificities and TCR repertoires of the circulating and tumor-infiltrating CD8+PD-1+ cells appeared similar, implying that the circulating CD8+PD-1+ lymphocytes could provide a window into the tumor-resident antitumor lymphocytes. Thus, expression of PD-1 identifies a diverse and patient-specific antitumor T cell response in peripheral blood, providing a novel noninvasive strategy to develop personalized therapies using neoantigen-reactive lymphocytes or TCRs to treat cancer.

Via Krishan Maggon