Worldwide - A leading supplier of quality seating solutions has today announced their annual sale is well underway. Many of the products listed on have been reduced to less than 50% of their usual sale price, inciting thousands of consumers all over the world to descend upon their humble website. It’s easy to see why this move has created such as buzz. At a time when cold weather is prevalent, and daylight hours are few, most individuals and families just want a comfortable place to sit upon returning from their workplaces.


Established a few years ago, Tub Chairs has been going from strength to strength over the last twelve months thanks to their efficient deliveries and highly respected customer service team. As a retailer, they have a real passion for sourcing only the best quality products and providing them at the lowest prices possible. This is why sales at Tub Chairs tend to cause such a stir. Their prices are already the lowest to be found anywhere online, and with discounts reaching and exceeding the half price line, customers would be forgiven for thinking they’re putting themselves out of business.


For as long as most people can remember, tub chairs have been the furniture of choice for middle and upper class families looking to create the most luxurious aesthetic when redesigning their properties. They’re functional, durable, and best of all; incredibly comfortable. Materials vary, and so which product the individual purchases will depend heavily on personal preferences and other design factors within the home. Luckily, Tub Chairs stock an incredibly wide range of seating solutions, and so finding the most suitable fabric is never a problem.


Items included in the sale:


Classic Tub Chairs - Popular people who want to keep a traditional feel and who already know what they’re looking for.


Leather Tub Chairs - Designed for those who fancy something a little different. Leather is also much more durable than the traditional option.


Swivel Tub Chairs - For people who require more flexibility.


Contemporary Tub Chairs - Specifically for individuals who want to wow their friends.


Contract Tub Chairs - Extra durable products designed for bars, hotels and restaurants and any other commercial premises including offices, factories, warehouses, etc.  

Anyone who wishes to visit the Tub Chairs website and check out some of the AMAZING deals they’re offering at the moment should click here. From there, you can send query emails to a dedicated customer service team who will be more than happy to help, and who will do their utmost to fill you in on anything you want to know about this brilliant supplier.


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