Babani Sahib’s Radhasoami Satsang and Interview | True pick out from which you seen |

  Even in Alzheimer Babani was annoyed with his fate and not satisfied with fate. This depression is so common in old age of Satsangi. I have personally seen many. They all seem to be telling themselves that it is all-right but mind does not agree. Such a conflict. In the above discourse (link given above) Babani had advocated that by always remembering Guru/Master’s picture one is set free. Babani was often in company of his perceived God/Guru. In physical contact of ‘God’. Yet he died in frail health, suffering from Alzheimer and not sure of anything. So much for the Satsang and Guru who is perceived as God. I would rather stay away from such God.

Via SandeepBhalla