Trenton Polke Announces Involvement With Charity Events
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Trenton Polke Announces Involvement With Charity Events
Trenton Polke is a young man with a big heart. As a student in the Farmer Business School at Miami University of Ohio, Trenton Polke learned about the importance of investing in the right business endeavors. Outside of school, Trenton Polke also finds it important to invest not only money but also time and energy in various charities that concern issues that women face. "I felt really strongly about getting involved," comments Trenton Polke. "It's easy when you're a student to say, 'I'm just going to focus on school, I'm not going to deal with all of these other things that are happening.' But I didn't want to be that kind of person." Trenton Polke wanted to show his support for issues outside the world of academia. His involvement in community service projects and organizations, such as tutoring young children or building homes with Habitat For Humanity, forms a solid background for his decision to invest in other charities. In particular, Trenton Polke is invested in two major issues: the cure for breast cancer, and bringing an end to sexual assault and domestic violence. "Of course, these aren't just issues that affect women alone," notes Trenton Polke. "Nevertheless, whenever these things come up, it always seems to be affecting someone's mom, or daughter, or sister. I want to show that it doesn't have to be that way." Events such as walking to show support of ending breast cancer, sexual assault or domestic violence can sometimes take on a somber tone, but Trenton Polke stresses that we should look on the bright side. "If you ever go to one of these events--and I hope you do," Trenton Polke says, "I hope you see how devoted and passionate everyone is around these issues. When we bring enough people together, we can really change the world." Trenton Polke's positivity and upbeat attitude have, of course, been crucial in his endeavors as a young businessman. Outside of the world of business, Trenton Polke brings positive energy to all kinds of community service. "If we work hard enough, we can do it," says Trenton Polke. "But it's not going to happen without hard work.”
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