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Ok, more and more people spend more and more time travelling. The same about me.I am a real fan of travelling. So by this first post I would like to ask you a number of questions: where do you prefer to travel?
Actually there are two categories: travelling abroad and travelling around your native country. What do you prefer?
As for me, I travel about one-two times a months around my country and about three times a year abroad.
Then, I d like to know,what is your preferable way of travelling?
Int hit list the first place is taken by ships. Actually cruise is my favourite one. But...but it is rather expensive and takes a lot of time. The second is train. It is so romantic, but it also takes a lot of time and you depend on the route. For example, you cannot go out at the place you like. So the ideal variant for me is a car. It is rather cheap, you follow your own route, you can stop any time you want, you can see any interesting places. As for the quickest way - planes, I am afraid of them, yes, I am aviafob. Earlier I used to travel by plane, but now cannot. What about you?