Travel tips for Indian students travelling to US for higher education | Travel tips for Indian students travelling to US for higher education |

Studying abroad is more than just packing a bag and travelling to a new place to study; it’s an entire change of not only the environment but also GIANT leap to a lifetime change.


Studying abroad, especially in the US has many perks and upsides to look at; however, there are many critical things to consider before you study abroad. Right from the necessary documents that you should be carrying, it is also very important to do a little of bit research of the city that you will be studying at. Knowing about the city can help familiarize a student to what they will be facing once they reach their University.


Travel Tips for Students


Most importantly, a student requires proper photo identification so it is very important to have all forms of photo identification updated and handy such as Passport, Driver’s License, Visa, Birth Certificate, Proof of Sufficient Funds, Letter of Acceptance, confirmation of Good Health or if any medical problems – required documents stating the same must be carried; if necessary vaccinations should be taken. Verified doctor prescriptions are mandatory stating which medicine needs to be taken and reason; so that the same can be purchased in pharmacies in the US.


Study in the U.S.: Tips for International Students


Besides this, carrying a good travel Insurance policy is very important.

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Purchasing an international Student ID Card (ISIC) is one of the key documents (ID’s) a student must carry with them at all times. Besides helping in attaining certain discounts and verifying your travel purposes, this ID also includes a limited amount of insurance and 24-hour assistance.




Creating a checklist of all the essentials that need to be carried or purchased before one studies abroad can be very helpful. In an overall summary some key tipper’s to keep in mind before you travel to the US to study include:


1) Ensure that all the necessary travel documents and important documents like passport are up to date. Getting a visa may take several weeks. Ensure that you apply for your visa way before the month that you are departing; you never know if the visa will take 2 or 3 weeks or even a month! Carrying extra passport photographs is always an added bonus. Copies should also be made of the necessary documents as well and kept back with family before travelling.


2) Keeping in mind the baggage limit, always ensure that you pack light or at least do not OVER-pack your suitcases!


3) Carry any necessary prescriptions if you have any medical problems.


4) Do your ground-work! Research about the city that your University is in. It always helps to know about the culture, people, and famous places to visit, restaurants, movie theatres, etc.


5) Usually a student is required to get an I-20 which is a document that is issued by the University to the students who have been granted admission.


6) Getting medical Insurance is a necessity for every student who decides to study abroad. This can come in handy in case of any illnesses or injuries as a result of an accident the student may encounter while studying in the US


Besides following these tips, taking advice from an education counselor can help to ensure a smooth stay while at University.