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Giuseppe Mauriello: Social travel startup Tripl has built a personalized filtering service that turns your friends’ Facebook and Foursquare feeds and organizes their travels data into stories on a timeline.


From article on The Next Web:

"When you return from a trip, wouldn’t it be nice to compile a neat summary of what you did while you were away to share with others? Tripl is launching a new service today that does that in style.


Tripl began as a way for people to share their future travel plans with others.


Once you sign up through Facebook, optionally adding Twitter, Foursquare and Tripit, the service will automatically detect when you and your friends are traveling away from home and create personalized infographics of their journey. Your friends don’t even need to be Tripl users – as long as you’re connected with them on Facebook, the data will be automatically collected thanks to geotagged data and assembled automatically.


This is a product that could become seriously addictive. Scrolling through the timeline I saw trips I didn’t know my friends and contacts had made..."



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