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A product is more than an idea, it's more than a website, and it's more than a transaction or list of functionalities. A product should provide an experience or service that adds value to someone's life through fulfilling a need or satisfying a desire. The ultimate question then becomes: who identifies that value? Maybe it isn't the product manager, marketer, technologist, or designer; perhaps what we need is a new role: the product storyteller.


Are you a product storyteller? Whether you are an entrepreneur, small biz owner, or in marketing/branding, I think you should be!


This is a thoughtful discussion about product creation and the role of the storyteller in the entire development process. I like how the author identifies story work in all phases of the product cycle. She makes great points that will help us all connect better with consumers.


But as the author says, "The challenge today is that we face a shortage of storytellers because our current organizational structures and cultures are not optimized for the activities involved in storytelling."


It also sounds like in the future there should actually be a position called "Product Storyteller!" I hope that the powers-that-be are listening.

Via Dr. Karen Dietz, janlgordon