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Rescooped by Luca Brigada from Transmedia: Storytelling for the Digital Age!

Post-ARGs: ZedTO, Visitations and the Mission Biz [#Transmedia]

Post-ARGs: ZedTO, Visitations and the Mission Biz [#Transmedia] | Storytelling Content Transmedia |

Elize Morgan:  "Through live-action theatrical performances, online video, social networks, and a myriad of websites, the project [ZED.TO] explored what it might be like to live in a future where a corporation called ByoLogyc redefines what it means to be human through "lifestyle biotech" products."

Via The Digital Rocking Chair
The Digital Rocking Chair's curator insight, March 31, 2013 11:24 PM

An interesting postmortem of the transmedia experience, ZedTO.

Rescooped by Luca Brigada from Transmedia: Storytelling for the Digital Age!

Serious business of gaming

Serious business of gaming | Storytelling Content Transmedia |

"[...] la cultura della convergenza  rappresenta un cambiamento nei modi in cui pensiamo i nostri rapporti con i media, che il cambiamento comincia dal nostro rapporto con la cultura popolare; [...] le abilità che acquistiamo attraverso il gioco possono avere conseguenze su come impariamo, lavoriamo, partecipiamo [...] e ci connettiamo con gli altri in una parte o nell'altra del mondo" (Henry Jenkins Cultura Convergente Apogeo 2007) 

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Luca Brigada's insight:

Gamification is "the use of game mechanics and game design techniques in non-game contexts" ( and it's a huge trend in marketing right now, as well as an idea that is being embraced in health, education and non-profit sectors.


Examples of gamification are:

- Badges to reward participation (e.g foursquare)

- Assigning missions and using levels of achievementImposing time limits Points

- Rewards and leaderboardsMaking everyday tasks fun by turning them into a game.


Luca Brigada's comment, March 12, 2013 1:34 AM
This article explain and show the gamification and its importance
Matmi's curator insight, March 28, 2013 6:55 AM

Like this author states - gaming is a serious business. Games are no longer just a teengage boys hobby - they are a serious revenue generating tool. More and more people from all walks of life are playing casual mobile games so there is even more of a need for businesses to be ahead of the game ( excuse the pun ) and have their own game developed to get customers interacting with their brand.

Danny Ong's curator insight, September 24, 2013 1:26 AM

In this article, it is shown how people applies gaming-related concepts into their daily activities. Therefore, if we could apply the same concepts when it comes to businesses, plenty of improvement will be seen among the people. One of the example is Foursquare giving people achievements if they had logged into several places using Foursquare. If this concept is applied to the business people, there might had a chance they are motivated by the rewards that will be given if they done an excellent job.