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Changes in technology may have finally cracked open the door to novels which use several different types of media to tell a single story.


Justin Nalepa: Looking at successful books which have managed to carry the weight of the storytelling, while still giving pictures an equal place to work within them, enhancing the storytelling experience.


Examples: R. Crumb's The Book of Genesis


                   Brian Selznick's The Invention of Hugo Cabret


- Wordless illustrations and text to tell a single narrative

- Neither medium contains the whole of the story

- Each medium has advantages in different circumstancces

- Words to give personality and depth to characters

- Pictures to create a sense of movement in places and a sense of soundless contemplation


iPads and other tablets now have the technology to embrance the transmedia novel, but there are several hurdles:


1. Financial - requires a lot of upfront capital for a multiplatform approach


2. Creative - it is difficult to have the mastery of multiple arts necessary to turn a good work into a great one, collboration is necessary but can lead to projects becoming more mediocre if not carefully integrated and organized