App-cessories: Finally, a means for meaningful synergies between virtual and real world play? | Smart Media |

Two weeks or so ago, I wrote about the increasing number of children’s app-cessories available for mobile devices. In that article I ended by listing what I regarded as the benefits to children’s learning and development of these type of mobile device add-ons. I know: they definitely add to the cost of mobile devices as learning tools. Some of the starting price points of these toys are above what we’d normally pay for a figurine or board game (but there are others that are reasonable).


But, before you start complaining: Did we really think that a simple screen as a portal to a digital learning world is where this would all stop? And, have you considered that if we really want to make the most of digital technology for children’s learning and development, we need them to live in a world where the transition between real and virtual worlds is more purposeful?

Via Carisa Kluver