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A special education teacher reflects on Book Creator and how it motivates students who are resistant writers.  Here is her story:


"As a Special Education teacher of upper elementary grades, I have several students who are resistant writers. This app has amazing potential to motivate them to write more since the finished product is beautiful, accessible, intuitive, and reflective of their efforts.


I have been using this app with one of my students with intellectual disabilities and what an incredible tool! We took pictures of this student making various emotional faces and then helped her draft a repetition book. She loved being able to record herself reading the pages and willingly practiced and practiced her Frye words and her fluency, without even realizing that she was doing it. She is also happily practicing pronunciation and sentence structure, skills that she would sometimes prefer to ignore!"


Why UDL?  Multiple Means of Expression


Thank you Melanie for telling your story.


Via Kathleen McClaskey, Barbara Bray